Monday, November 14, 2011

Does Dirtbag ever post?

Does Dirtbag ever do anything?

Saturday, November 5, 2011


This week in hilarious happenings...

Blogbear: Well no one knows when the iPhone 5 is coming out anyway.

Person X: The iPhone 5 is already out. I saw it the other day. My friend has it.

Blogbear: No it's the iPhone 4S. It looks exactly the same as the iPhone 4.

Person X: Nah it's the iPhone 5! I swear to god.

Person Y: There's no iPhone 5.

Blogbear: Person X... Are you sure it wasn't an iPad?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Can shoe not? (Part Juan Antonio)

(yay [no nay] for solid coloured sneakers)

Picture above: A shoe blooding!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Technically you're annoying me

Us gEnEration Y kids have been born into the age of technology and with that comes many new annoying habits one can obtain. To be fair, most of these habits gravitate towards old people, like teachers and parents (nu-duh). The following are things that annoy me (we can most likely add to this list, for all of you playing at home feel free to add annoying things below):

1) Slow typers: Okay, so I'm a touch typer. Each of my fingers are like genetically modified animals, each born for a specific purpose. Below is a picture that is sort of similar to the one we had in primary school during computing classes, I remember exactly what that one looks like. A sad existence for my fingers who may only ever stroke particular keys (I even feel bad as I'm typing this right now with my fingers because I don't allow them to touch whichever fucking key they want). I think I was in Year 5 when I started properly touch typing because I used to be a really slow typer (which now that I think of it should be expected from a ten year old). My siblings would mock me about how slow I typed so I raised my fist in the air and swore that one day I would touch type so fast so that one day I could post come backs faster than some other random whilst cyber bullying (this was before the days of Facebook, ahhh the good old days where bullying mostly came in the form of fists.. just kidding). I'm not sure how long exactly it took me to touch type but alas I became the Speedy Gonzales of typing, bet THAT taught 'em a lesson huh!

I've derailed what I wanted to say by a whole paragraph, but I just can't handle watching slow typers, it happens whenever friends are over and you have to watch them try to show you a funny video but they type in youtube wrong and they have to backspace hell slow. It also happens in group assignments or studying together. It happens when teachers use projectors in class and you have to watch them slowly type. In all cases you want to push that person out of the way and be like 'move bitch, get out the way' I'm here to type away!

2) Two finger typers: Similar to No.1 except arguably more annoying because they haven't thought of utilising all TEN of their fingers. I haven't seen many two finger typers lately but they are out there, and they are usually old or an idiot.

3) People asking for help about simple things: Firstly it's actually really hard to explain to people computer/technology based advice. It sucks because you really should have compassion, I for one freak out when technology fails me and rely on the help of others but have no patience when the situation is reversed. Like my Dad asking my sister how to burn a CD tonight and she literally left the room cos she didn't want to explain it to him so that I would have to. I let out a huge arghhhhh cos I was all gay and obviously not selfless or helpful.

It's probably because people understand or interpret technology in different ways which is why it's so hard. For example in Year 9 we had this tedious class... TRM I think is what it's called. I'm trying to think of a way to explain what the class was all about but it was so pointless that I can't. We basically sat in the library listening to a really boring teacher explain what we were going to do during that lesson and by the time she was done explaining we had no time to do anything. It was computer/research related I guess. My point was, in this class one of my friends was like "Yeah so what's the Earl for that?" (pronounced Earl.. as in rhyming with hurl). We were all like....... it was one of those moments where you're embarrassed for that person cos you think you know what they meant but they've pronounced it wrong. She actually meant URL which we all pronounce as the letters, U-R-L. So now Dirtbag and I pronounce it as Earl because it's cute and funny.

More to add later!

Monday, September 26, 2011


For the first time since we've birthed this bloggy we went a month without posting and what a shame that is to burden. I would like to apologise to our two readers for that. I have been busy not attending uni, being horizontal, actually finishing reading a book (wah?), self-loathing, not saving money, putting things off, eating and learning how to drive, say what!

here's some photo porn (because I've been spending more time saving photos from the internet than I have spent outdoors) but no naked women included. Mostly, interior design porn.